Warning Signs

A child that shows the following behavior may have autism and should be diagnosed:

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- Autism is not a disease. People with autism have a neurological condition in which the brain is set up in a different way and, as such, they understand and relate to their environment in a slightly different way.

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Our Team

Operational structure

• Founding members
• Board of directors
• Highly qualified professional team • Volunteers
• Working committees

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We aspire to stimulate the emotional, intellectual, social, environmental, and physical development of persons with autism spectrum disorder, innovating and providing comprehensive tools that boost their strengths, adjusting them to their individual needs in an environment that promotes professionalism, respect, inclusion, and affectivity.


To be agents of change that can influence Guatemalan society by providing services for the development of persons with autism spectrum disorder and their environment, in order to promote change in the attitude of the population and institutions and making them active part of the solutions.


1.Autism awareness month


"2.Cross country race "

april 19th

3.Autism seminar

june 26th and 27th

4.Autism film showcase–Icaro International Film Festival

november 21th and 22th

5.Bingo for autism

december 4th



* Fundacion Autismo Guatemala-CANNER

* Clinica CECLIDI

* Nueva Escuela Lacaniana de Psicoanalisis - NEL

* Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala

* Fundacion Artes Muy Especiales


* Ministerio de Cultura y Deportes

* Casa Comal - Festival Icaro