Gabriel started in Potenciales program in August 2012. He had difficulty performing certain activities such as going up and down the stairs, eating by himself, balancing, relating with other persons, participating in group games, he had poor eye contact, among others.

Since he started in Potenciales he has made significant progress in performing these activities. Gabriel now enjoys physical contact with his family, he likes to play with his brother and with us and likes to cuddle and to be pampered. He has learned to be more independent and can communicate through signs and indicate what he wants, such as when he wants food or water. He tries to play with other children, and even though it is difficult, he tries to follow them and participate.

Now that he makes more eye contact, he imitates actions and is more aware of music. Sometimes he tries to dance to the rhythm.

Gabriel is more confident in performing certain activities, and has started to help around the house with simple tasks as setting the table. This has been achieved thanks to Jesus, our Lord, and to Potenciales, where Gabriel has evolved for the best. Return


Eleven years ago two beautiful twins came and changed our lives. Two beautiful girls that fought to live since they were born prematurely and needed our help to survive.

In 2007 Sara was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. We were told that Sara would be inflexible with changes, would have crises when she disliked things and would not know how to communicate it, and that she would probably never learn to read and write. As a family we learned to accept Sara and her unique characteristics as a girl with autism, and we made adjustments. Sara attended different institutions and worked with several professionals that started to help her improve in her development.

Sara started Potenciales in 2012, where we have seen significant changes. Now we can make plans and she will accept and enjoy them with little anticipation, which would have been impossible before. Every day she shows more flexibility to changes, enjoys new activities, has broadened her vocabulary and is more fluid with her speech. She can have conversations with new people keeping eye contact, enjoys reading and writing, can express her emotions, feelings and needs appropriately. She is really a happy girl.

These little improvements, buy huge for our family!, have led me to become part of AsociaciĆ³n Guatemalteca por el Autismo, who want a real inclusion and a better society.