Potenciales Program

Potenciales of Asociación Guatemalteca por el Autismo seeks to fulfill the individual needs of children and teenagers with autism and their families, providing new learning opportunities and professional, comprehensive, and personalized care in a group context.

The goal of Potenciales is to provide the necessary tools to enable children and teenagers with autism to be included in the regular system. When the child or teenager shows that he has acquired the minimum social and educational skills, Potenciales team starts the process of inclusion. Read More

Training subprogram

Understand me (Entiéndeme)

*Training of parents, professionals and the general public (Formación de Profesionales, Padres y Público en general) This module focuses on educating parents, professionals and the general public about autism issues, to create awareness and present scientific developments on how to treat it. This is achieved through conferences, workshops, seminars, congresses and other educational activities that may be live or virtual.

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Investigation subprogram


In order to detect and establish treatment plans, we should create a space that provides correct diagnoses that will show how every person evaluated can function. We plan to provide these diagnoses through our diagnostic clinic. It is also important to obtain real epidemiological data of the actual situation of autism in Guatemala, and this can only be done using the appropriate diagnostic methodologies, provided by expert persons on the issue, since autism spectrum disorder is complicated and difficult to diagnose. Read More